Brand Health Check

Two PR and Marketing experts sit back to back on a grey couch, with the Trust Relations logo in the foreground.

Is Your Integrated Communications Strategy as Strong as You Think?

Our Brand Health Check offers the “second opinion” you need to effectively market your business.

Our experienced team of integrated marketing and communications professionals is offering a complimentary Brand Health Check for your business. We’ll identify your brand’s pain points and propose actionable solutions.

Signs You Need A Brand Health Check

Our Brand Health Check is designed to help you identify problems, correct course, and reach your next marketing milestone. 

Even the best products and services on the market need to regularly refresh their marketing approach. With a strong brand identity, knowledgeable marketing team, and unwavering commitment to providing authentic value, your brand can unlock a new level of  success. 

How do you know if you need a Brand Health Check? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Your website and/or social media traffic is low.
  • Your market share is diminishing. 
  • Your company announcements receive little to no traction.
  • Your organic traffic is dropping, or your paid search campaigns are increasing in cost.
  • You envy the attention your competitors receive.
  • Your marketing efforts are not driving enough sales or conversions. 
  • Your PR strategy is generating lackluster results.
  • You think your marketing team could be doing more, but you don’t know what.
  • You’re over-paying for a marketing program that doesn’t meet your company’s needs.

How It Works


     1.)  We offer a free website audit and SEO assessment, complete with a detailed digital performance report. 



     2.)  We’ll discuss your goals, key differentiators, and pain points.



     3.)  From there, we’ll provide preliminary recommendations on how your brand can uplevel through integrated marketing techniques.


We can help your brand get back on track and unlock renewed revenue potential. 

We can show you how to establish trust with your target market. 

We want to hear from you!

The Trust Relations Approach

“Trust Relations” is a term coined by President and Founder April White to describe a new approach to strategic communications. We focus on conveying clients’ authentic actions, value and goodwill. 

To do this, we have a golden rule: As a brand, you must do what you say before you can say what you do. Trust relations is about earning the trust of your audience and stakeholders, based on who you are—not who you pretend to be. It’s how we make sure that your storytelling and storydoing are one and the same.

Before you can tell your authentic brand story to the world, you must know that story intimately and embody it every day. Our branding and design services give you the tools you need to illustrate that story with vibrant sincerity for your customers, investors, competitors, and key stakeholders.