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55: HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Unwrapping the Best Anonymous PR Horror Stories of 2021



Happy Holidays from the PR Wine Down team! In this special episode, hosts April and Laura are closing out the year by unwrapping the best listener horror story submissions from the past year. Pour some nog, kick back and relax as we revisit some tales of holiday horror to keep your spirits bright and start off 2022 the right way. The lineup includes stories and advice about: a client who went off-script during a live interview, an account executive working with limited senior guidance, inappropriate behavior from an executive-level boss, tough reporter feedback and a PR pro who got sick during a major client meeting.

You can find the original episodes containing the stories from this year’s roundup below:

Horror Story 1: Episode 41: Cristina Dennstedt – Pandemic Branding Pivots & the Remote Work Reckoning

Horror Story 2: Episode 46: Jenn McManus-Goode – Managing Clients, Accounts and Tough Conversations

Horror Stories 3 & 4: Episode 50: Halloween Special: Media Mishaps & Tricks of the Trade

Horror Story 5: Episode 47: Rick Smith – Content Syndication 101

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