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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
36: Brian Garrido - Discussing Diversity in PR & Advertising

Welcome back to the PR Wine Down podcast! This week, our hosts welcome Brain Garrido, Marketing Department Specialist at Meticulous Design + Architecture (MD+A). They’re discussing diversity in the advertising and PR industries today, and touching on the state of tourism, wine and hospitality amid the changing landscape of the pandemic. April and Laura also share a new PR Horror Story from the listening audience, and weigh in with their reactions to journalist Seth Colaner’s viral Twitter thread.

Note: We have transitioned to a biweekly show schedule! PR is a busy industry, and we could all use a little more time for pitching, planning, bylining and making moves for our clients. But don’t worry, we’ll be right here every other week with the same advice, guests and PR Horror Stories you’ve come to love. Remember to check out some of our past episodes in between shows, and we can’t wait to wine down with you again in two weeks!

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