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Trust Relations: The Podcast

Welcome to Trust Relations: The Podcast! April White is the founder of Trust Relations and the doyenne of all things public relations. Hamish Anderson is our resident marketing expert, with an international eye on the digital trends rocking the world of integrated marketing communications. Together, they’re the dynamic duo, with all the right skills to take on the biggest topics in news, media and marketing. Trust defines the core of the conversation, the heart of the industry and the future of integrated marketing and PR as we know it. Join us as we analyze the paradigm shift that’s just over the horizon for ad campaigns, PR practices, brand identity and reputation management. We’re booked with a roster of industry-leading guests, breaking trends, crucial industry news and hot takes you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a brand looking to ensure your storytelling and storydoing are aligned, an entrepreneur looking to make a splash in the press, or a marketer looking to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, your new favorite show is one click away. Join us every two weeks, as we help you learn from the marketing mistakes that make headlines — or sink brands.


April White

Hamish Anderson


Client Management: Building Relationships for Marketing and PR Success

June 29, 2022

This week, April and Hamish are discussing a tricky topic in agency operations, with advice for navigating client relationships. Our hosts offer their tried-and-true advice for dealing with nepotism, family business dynamics and toxic company cultures on the client side. They also share tips to help marketers manage expectations and set their working relationships up for success. Next, they discuss recent news from the streaming sector, with a look back at some major changes happening at Netflix, including how the company has responded to increasing competition. Also in the news segment, they cover a recent study from the Harris Poll and Google Cloud on corporate “greenwashing” and its impacts on brand authenticity. Today’s Campaign Analysis segment features key learnings from the failure of the Revolve Festival, the now-notorious exclusive party held during Coachella 2022.  

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Brand Archetypes: Driving Efficient Communications

June 15, 2022

This week on the show, hosts April and Hamish confront a foundational component of strategic positioning: brand archetypes. Together, they share advice for founders, marketers and brand managers to identify their brand archetypes to drive more inefficient communications. They also analyze two Aussie ad campaigns, from agencies The Works and DDB Melbourne. This week’s industry news features the closure of e-commerce startup Fast, the departure of Dunkin’s new CMO and Skittles brand’s recent apology conference stunt.  

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Share of Voice: Brand Strategies to Make an Impact in a Competitive Market

June 1, 2022

This week on the show, hosts April and Hamish discuss a critical metric for any integrated marketing campaign — share of voice! Together, they’re diving into the best ways for smaller companies to move the needle on their SOV in a crowded market. They also share their thoughts on the Today Show’s rebrand, amid a cultural shift away from TV news and toward independent content creators. For this week’s Campaign Analysis segment, April and Hamish dish about Burger King’s poop emoji ice cream campaign to promote good-for-you ingredients, and evaluate the impact of star power in the recent collaboration between Pusha T and Arby’s.  

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Strategic Messaging: Brand Benefits and Common Roadblocks

May 18, 2022

This week on the show, hosts April and Hamish discuss the role of strategic messaging in building brand reputation, guiding business decisions and impacting public perception of important issues. They’re covering best practices for walking a client through the challenging process of reevaluating their strategic messaging and website copy. They also discuss the issues at play with The New York Times’ handling a mislabeled photo of tennis star Venus Williams, and the censorship challenges women’s health brands are facing on social media. For this week’s Campaign Analysis, the duo delivers their hot takes on a recent Old Spice ad campaign.  

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Brand Values: Authenticity from Mission Statements to Marketing Claims

May 4, 2022

On today’s episode of Trust Relations: The Podcast, hosts April and Hamish are getting to that critical element at the heart of a cohesive campaign: brand values. They’re discussing how today’s biggest brands and savviest startups can stay true to their values, back up their claims and make headlines that really move the needle. They also share advice on what to do when a client’s value propositions can’t be backed up with facts, and analyze creative campaigns from Truly and Zaxby’s. In this week’s news, our hosts chat through the recent scandal at 5WPR, IBM’s age handling of age discrimination accusations and the rising importance of owned media.  

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The Trust Analysis: Know Your Audience

April 20, 2022

This week, hosts April and Hamish are tackling one of the core questions in PR and marketing: How can you get to know your audience? Whether you’re a household name or a burgeoning startup, it’s critical to reach the right eyes and ears with the content that’s best for them. Tune in as the dynamic marketing duo chats through why it’s important to know your audience, do your research and deliver valuable content. They also discuss a few high-profile examples of brand wins and losses from the news, including an analysis of Peloton’s recent brand crisis saga and the latest rebrand at The New York Times.  

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Welcome to Trust Relations: The Podcast!

April 6, 2022

The team at Trust Relations is celebrating three years since our founding with a new podcast that gets to the heart of our mission: helping clients build trust with their target audiences. Meet Trust Relations’ founder April White and resident marketing expert Hamish Anderson as they chat through the news, media and marketing trends that matter most to today’s brands and entrepreneurs.  

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