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Strategic Messaging: Brand Benefits and Common Roadblocks

Episode 04

This week on the show, hosts April and Hamish discuss the role of strategic messaging in building brand reputation, guiding business decisions and impacting public perception of important issues. They’re covering best practices for walking a client through the challenging process of reevaluating their strategic messaging and website copy. They also discuss the issues at play with The New York Times’ handling a mislabeled photo of tennis star Venus Williams, and the censorship challenges women’s health brands are facing on social media. For this week’s Campaign Analysis, the duo delivers their hot takes on a recent Old Spice ad campaign.



Hamish: slapdash (adj.)

April: compendious (adj.)


NYT Non-Apology: 

Twitter users slam NYT over non-apology, promoted posts on social media appear less ‘authentic’ and Google pushes a return to the office – PR Daily

Women’s Health Ads:


Old Spice:

MARKETING CONUNDRUM: Here’s what to do when a client doesn’t feel ready to update their strategic messaging.



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