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Welcome to Trust Relations: The Podcast!

Episode 01

The team at Trust Relations is celebrating three years since our founding with a new podcast that gets to the heart of our mission: helping clients build trust with their target audiences. Meet Trust Relations’ founder April White and resident marketing expert Hamish Anderson as they chat through the news, media and marketing trends that matter most to today’s brands and entrepreneurs. This week, you can get to know your new favorite podcast hosts with a mutual interview session on brand trust and media credibility. Hamish shares his expertise on the power of perspective, the importance of asking “why,” and the proper role of data in modern marketing. Then, April dives into an analysis of the future of media and PR, how brands can build trust and, of course, the inspiration that led her to found Trust Relations–and coin the term “trust relations” to replace PR.


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Hamish: skookum 

April: obdurate



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Retired at 15

Frito-Lay and Rick Astley

O’Doul’s and Match

MARKETING CONUNDRUM: Here’s how to help a client when they don’t have a big budget.


April White is the President and Founder of Trust Relations, a fast-growing and virtual PR agency.

Hamish Anderson is the Executive VP, Marketing Group Director at Trust Relations.


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Trust Relations: The Podcast with April and Hamish

Welcome to Trust Relations: The Podcast! April White is the founder of Trust Relations PR agency, and Hamish Anderson is our resident marketing expert. Together, they’re the dynamic duo with all the right skills to take on the biggest topics in news, media and integrated marketing. Join us every two weeks, as we help you learn from the marketing mistakes that make headlines — or sink brands.