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33: Guest Host Renée Walker: How to Boost Your Marketing in an Uncertain Economy

Episode 33

Today, April is joined by special guest host, Renée T. Walker! Renée is the president of RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES, a strategy, brand and marketing communications agency. She’s here to share her top five questions to help business leaders reframe their understanding of brand identity and optimize their marketing efforts. April and Renée also discuss tips to help brands overcome budget challenges without sacrificing vital marketing and PR functionalities. In the PR news segment, they cover a series of recent examples of AI errors in editorial reporting, including a potential defamation lawsuit to be levied against OpenAI in Australia. Tune in as they cover the implications of AI writing for news and communications industries.

Follow Renée’s work here: https://reneewalkerandassociates.com/ 


Read about the defamation accusations against ChatGPT here:  https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/stories/2023/04/07/can-ai-defame-you 



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