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September 27, 2021 0 Comments

Why PR is Important for Brands

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PR is about credibility. It’s how brands communicate authentically with the stakeholders who impact their bottom lines, whether those audiences are customers, investors, journalists, employees or partners, among others. This is important in proving your value staying power as a brand, in a culture and society that moves and changes with lightning speed. 

PR and branding go hand-in-hand; an effective PR campaign is an extension of the brand. It’s right up there alongside paid and earned channels like social media, SEO, influencer relations, advertising, digital marketing and more. Through successful PR, a brand can strategically build relationships with the media, potential customers, employees and investors within the brand’s respective industry.  

Effective brand messaging is done best when it is custom-crafted to a customer’s needs and wants. PR is the ear that listens — and it responds to what it hears. 

Why is Brand Credibility Important? 

Brand credibility is one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing effort, whether that is a startup opening, a new product launch or an investor announcement. A brand’s credibility influences audience perception, behaviors, thoughts and patterns. Remember, credibility isn’t necessarily about facts and evidence. It has more to do with feelings and opinions. Credibility is the level at which something or someone is believable or accepted as true, real and honest.  

Think about brand image and the products you use daily. Brands that are covered by legitimate news sources — online, print and broadcast outlets across consumer, trade and industry mediums — must first be considered to be trustworthy and credible. How do they get there? 


Public relations in 2021 includes social media, influencer marketing, blogs, thought leadership, bylined articles and community events. It goes beyond writing press releases  or distributing press kits — although writing a great press release or media kit is certainly still a critical skill. Media hits remain a valid key performance indicator (KPI) that weigh the success of your overall communications, marketing, advertising and branding campaigns. 

Ask any brand manager and they will tell you: Every branding strategy includes KPIs. Every great one includes PR. 

Importance of PR in Branding 

Public relations is an effective way to build a brand. When it comes to branding, a great PR team will, among other things: 

  • Leverage media to create major buzz about your brand, whether it’s a product or service launch, sustainability effort, public event or linkage to a celebrity or an influencer endorsement. 
  • Leverage brand, product, or company news to highlight good attributes to key stakeholders, including consumers and investors. 
  • Create a solid crisis management plan to address potential problems, such as a product recall or other negative perception of the brand. 
  • Promote ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts as well as financials, including a brand going public, monthly earnings and more. 
  • Build strong relationships with the media. Those connections matter now more than ever in an age where a bad Google review or Facebook share can bring a company to its knees. Positive media coverage from respected outlets can help diffuse or negate the impact of both.

PR adds value that can’t be bought. Through media coverage and more, it creates a bond with audiences in a powerful manner that generates interest in the brand. 

And brand interest leads to brand loyalty. 

Why You Need Public Relations 

PR builds and maintains any brand’s goodwill and reputation. This makes any branding effort more robust — and more successful. If you want to raise the standard of your brand, do PR. 

You’ll thank us if you do. 


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