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Inflectra delivers the critical software that runs the world. Its trusted and seamless platform allows companies to create and release their most important technology products on time and with the highest quality. With capabilities for managing requirements, test cases, resources and risks, the Inflectra suite of services and solutions automates every aspect of the software development lifecycle.

Inflectra hired Trust Relations to raise brand awareness and elevate its profile as a company that excels in software development and test management solutions as well as to highlight its executives as industry thought leaders. To achieve Inflectra’s brand goals, Trust Relations created a comprehensive public relations program with an emphasis on media relations and thought leadership tactics. Designed to further introduce Inflectra to key audiences nationwide, Trust Relations’ PR program leveraged a multi-pronged approach to generate awareness of the company’s unique value proposition and expertise in IT software lifecycle management solutions. Key verticals included software development tools, QA testing/automation and product life cycle management.



Trust Relations targeted DevOps and IT-focused trade press to generate extensive coverage and ongoing awareness of the company and its activities, such as its enterprise tools and IT software lifecycle management solutions. The goal of all coverage was to establish a strong brand identity and market leadership position for Inflectra, thereby placing the company in a strong strategic position for key stakeholders.

In addition, the Trust Relations team pursued stand-alone feature coverage and profiles of select company executives to demonstrate Inflectra’s expertise in developing IT software lifecycle management solutions. The agency pitched these angles to a targeted list of critical media contacts to secure stories relating to various aspects of Inflectra’s business, such as its various product portfolios for IT managers, developers and QA testers.

Because Inflectra’s software is used extensively by corporations, universities, organizations, and individuals all over the world, the Trust Relations team also pursued specific trade verticals and secured coverage in healthcare, biotechnology, financial and business services publications.

As a result, Trust Relations secured placements in the following publications: TechCrunch, App Developer Magazine, AI Business, Bank Automation News, Dice Insights, KMWorld Magazine, Starter Story, IdeaMensch, BAknowledgeshare, Biobuzz, two placements in TechStrong TV (see additional coverage here), two placements in VMBlog (see additional coverage here), three placements in IT Briefcase (see additional coverage here and here) and three placements in InfoQ (see additional coverage here and here.)

The campaign has generated over 150,645,000 impressions.


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Other Case Studies


Brooklyn Space

Using targeted media outreach strategy, Trust Relations successfully promoted Brooklyn Space’s month-long Black artist showcase in recognition of Juneteenth to their primary audience in the New York.



Trust Relations led a strategic media relations campaign for Xeneta’s Series C funding announcement, to create awareness of the company’s growth and emphasize their unique value proposition.



Trust Relations worked to create overall brand awareness for Rechat as well as establish the company as an expert in both the technology and real estate industries.