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What is Marketing?

Marketing is the key to revenue growth and success for any brand. It’s the strategic foundation upon which to build brand consistency, your sales tactics, core messages, PR campaigns, brand partnerships, and social media activities. Marketing directly yields sales conversions and customer engagement.

It’s advertising. It’s social media. It’s consumer research. It’s search engine optimization, content development, website development, search optimization, and email outreach. It’s the language that fills your website and the imagery that adds color to your sales deck.

Marketing is how your brand communicates its value to your target audience.

Why Do You Need Marketing Services?

Marketing drives brand awareness and customer engagement. Without it, potential customers might never learn your name or purchase your product. 

A strong marketing campaign can help your business reach new markets. It informs potential buyers about how you can remove their pain points and ultimately improve their lives.

Marketing tactics distinguish you from competitors and encourage content engagement to keep your customers connected. 

If you want your brand to generate high impact, then you need marketing services.

Here’s How We Do It

Our proprietary Trust Analysis helps you define the brand you want to be, and how you want to be represented in the media. Our in-depth strategic messaging exercise is designed to help you achieve alignment between your storytelling and “story-doing.” To ensure your brand’s communication strategy will deliver the results you want to see — and power your broader brand goals — we offer this assessment to every client.

We can work closely with your in-house marketing team to develop a high-level, long-term marketing strategy designed to help you meet your unique business needs and goals. 

The Trust Relations team can develop bespoke solutions including a refreshed brand identity, audience persona generation, new logo development, and other customer experiences that will maximize brand engagement.

Our in-house design team creates visually appealing graphics to complement any brand identity, from print to digital assets. Let our designers infuse your infographics, company one-pagers, branded presentations and other corporate communications with elegant, innovative design aesthetics.

Our team of senior copywriters excels in writing for specific industries—from niche tech solutions, to B2B services, to consumer-lifestyle brands and more. We create compelling copy for your website, newsletters, press releases, company blog posts, case studies, contributed articles, corporate communications, executive speeches, and other communications needs.

Trust Relations can help your brand create an affiliate marketing program that will secure media and partnership opportunities for  your business. We will handle the ongoing management and maintenance of your affiliate program to ensure it’s profitable and maintains high conversion rates.

As an integrated digital marketing and PR agency, The Trust Relations team excels at interpreting briefs and delivering what you need t o yield the strongest and most meaningful returns. From website development, to integrated marketing and PR campaigns, to assistance with your online marketing, we can help.

Trust Relations has extensive experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Whether you are looking to boost your sites’ organic rankings or want to use paid and display search to drive a campaign to drive market awareness, we can help. Our robust 6-step process helps to identify your opportunities and activate campaigns that deliver.

Our digital marketing team excels at amplifying earned media placements through targeted paid campaigns. We will boost your traditional PR placements to build even greater brand awareness and reach broader audiences across top industry websites and social media pages. We will also provide reports outlining campaign progress and metrics.

Our expert digital marketers can conceptualize, create, and place ads on top social media channels that are relevant to your industry. Across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, we will curate strategic posts and campaigns to reach your target audiences—complete with detailed monthly reports.

Our team can pitch and place sponsored content to secure valuable paid placements in respected blogs, news outlets, business publications, and trade media. Then, we’ll track your campaign progress with monthly reporting.

We will develop and activate a content marketing campaign to amplify your ongoing PR efforts. Our expert team will leverage integrated marketing strategies to help you generate  leads with clear calls to action, lead capture, and organized follow-up.

To leverage your existing client base and prospective list, our team will activate ongoing email campaigns to grow your business and ensure ongoing customer loyalty.

How Trust Factors In

“Trust Relations” is a term coined by President and Founder April White to describe a new approach to strategic communications. We focus on conveying clients’ authentic actions, value and goodwill. 

To do this, we have a golden rule: As a brand, you must do what you say before you can say what you do. Trust relations is about earning the trust of your audience and stakeholders, based on who you are—not who you pretend to be. It’s how we make sure that your storytelling and storydoing are one and the same.

Trust is essential to forging lasting customer relationships. With our unique approach, we’re here to disrupt the traditional agency model and reinvent the way you think about marketing. Success at the end of the sales funnel requires that customers and clients have faith in your products, your services, your brand spokespeople, and the longevity of your business. 

Brand loyalty is rooted in brand trust. We’re here to help you achieve both with your next marketing campaign.