About Us

We Build Trust.

Trust Relations is a fast-growing, virtual branding and strategic communications agency. We bypass the traditional agency model to build trusted brands, craft authentic stories and engage diverse audiences — for marquee brands and disruptive startups alike.

We Create “Dream Teams” for Every Client.

At Trust Relations, we represent companies that straddle multiple verticals and have diverse communications needs. Our unique structure allows us to hire the best and brightest professionals nationwide to create “dream teams” that are most suited for our clients’ specific PR and marketing goals and budgets.

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Agile and packed with talent, our nimble teams offer unparalleled value for clients. We optimize budgets, generate superior results, and match the ideal talent with every client account. Thanks to our fluid and non-siloed structure, we easily scale and grow with clients. We can penetrate any vertical, handle their multidimensional communications needs, and deliver truly integrated solutions.

We also excel at creating inspiring ways for clients to showcase their brand value. We highlight supportive proof points and ideate compelling activations to demonstrate a brand’s unique story and value proposition across multiple channels.

Public Relations is the Past. Trust Relations is the Future.

“Trust Relations” is a term coined by CEO and Founder April White to describe a new approach to strategic communications. We focus on conveying clients’ authentic actions, value and goodwill. In technology, trust relationships are an administration and communication link between two domains. In communications, they are a bond of mutual respect between a brand and the people it serves.

What Sets Us Apart.

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Our mission is to bring clients’ brands, visions and value propositions to life through creative thinking, strategies and activations that produce meaningful results. Here is what sets us apart:

We build trust.

We build trust among target audiences by developing and sharing stories that demonstrate how brands put their values into action and improve the lives of those they serve.

We are virtual.

We keep our overhead low to stay nimble and adaptable. This empowers us to serve a broader range of industries and procure a truly diverse team of professionals from different cities and backgrounds nationwide.

We design dream teams.

‍We are more than an agency. We design dream teams for clients by assembling the best and the brightest for each task. This optimizes your budget, provides better value, and ensures the ideal talent for each role is working on your account.

We do more than tell your story. We promote your truth.

Great writers “show, don’t tell.” Great communicators help you “do, then tell.” That’s why we offer creative ways to show who you are, why you do what you do, and why it matters.

We bring your brand to life.

We help dream up creative activations, sponsorships and partnerships that not only embody and reinforce your brand, but also empower you to form emotional connections with target audiences.

We integrate seamlessly.

We are a proactive team of experts who act as a multifaceted extension of your in-house team — with the robust capabilities of an agency. We integrate fully to seamlessly drive compelling communications initiatives based on your marketing and business goals.

We scale as you grow.

‍Because of our nimble and expandable team structure, we can easily scale as you grow. This makes us a great fit for fast-growing startups, as well as marquee brands looking to test out an innovative alternative to traditional firms.

Our core values are authenticity and goodwill.

Embracing a startup culture dedicated to self-improvement, we continuously seek to optimize efficiencies. We always put people before profits—both clients and team members. This is why we are as dedicated to our clients’ business goals as we are to our employees’ life goals, and aim to set both up for success.