Natural Farm

Dog and cat are lying on a grey couch near the window

The Goal:

Natural Farm is a pioneer in high-quality, 100% natural, sustainably sourced pet products that are good for your furry friend and the planet. With a history of success in the pet industry, Natural Farm specializes in creating all-natural dog treats, chews and bones featuring single or limited ingredients, demonstrating its dedication to quality, innovation and responsible sourcing.

Natural Farm hired Trust Relations to raise the brand’s profile as an innovator in all-natural pet treats. Trust Relations developed a strategy to generate media coverage and raise national brand awareness, positioning Natural Farm as a leader in the pet industry.


Trust Relations executed a comprehensive campaign that secured top-tier media coverage in consumer, lifestyle, and pet industry publications. This multi-faceted approach built significant media buzz around Natural Farm’s innovative products, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability and quality. The campaign has successfully positioned Natural Farm as a prominent brand in the pet industry, garnering coverage in major press verticals such as national news outlets and specialty pet trades.

As a result, Trust Relations has secured placements in the following publications: 2 pieces in Forbes, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, 2 pieces in Yahoo! Life, Vetstreet, The Sun UK, 2 pieces in TrendHunter, SheKnows, CountryLiving, Hi-Tech Chic, and Pets+.

The campaign generated over 1,050,850,635 impressions.


Other Case Studies


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