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The Goal:

Valant is an electronic health records (EHR) software provider for behavioral health practices. Valant’s solutions help behavioral health providers measure outcomes of clinical care and simplify practice management by freeing up clinicians’ time with streamlined documentation and billing automation features, as well as creating positive patient experiences with improved scheduling processes. This helps clinicians focus on delivering care to their clients.

Trust Relations was brought on board to further refine and amplify the company’s brand story and market position. Valant engaged Trust Relations to promote its EHR and practice management software designed specifically for behavioral health practices, as well as generate thought leadership opportunities for its company executives.

Valant CEO Ram Krishnan says, “We needed a PR partner to better inform the market that a behavioral-focused EHR does exist that can help practices of all sizes and understands their patients, their practices, and providers. We’re grateful to have the Trust Relations team develop a campaign surrounding this message and build a solid brand strategy going forward.”


Trust Relations leads a multi-faceted campaign for Valant including media relations, thought leadership initiatives, an awards program and speaker/event support.

Based on the agency’s work to increase Valant’s thought leadership position, Valant CEO Ram Krishnan is now sought out to contribute guest articles to healthcare publications like MedCity News, Health IT Answers, Integrated Healthcare Executive, HIT Consultant, Physician’s Practice and more. His contributions cover a variety of topics that are critical to behavioral health practices including value-based care measurement, operational best practices, and EHR adoption.

Additionally, Trust Relations has successfully introduced Valant to the media as a knowledgable resource regarding behavioral health topics making Mr. Krishnan a go-to resource for reporters. Unique media pitches sent to target publications have helped Valant land coverage that has elevated and increased visibility for the company.

These placements can be read in the following publications: Becker’s, Healthcare IT Today and Seattle Inno, among others. 

As Valant strives to offer its behavioral healthcare practice customers the most cutting-edge and innovative products and features, Trust Relations has also been successful at promoting Valant’s new product offerings. This includes securing coverage for both its new MYIO app and Prospective Patient Management Tool in publications like Health IT Answers, Healthcare IT Today, Vator News, and Healthcare Dive      

Trust Relations has also supported Valant in being named a Seattle Inno Fire Award recipient.

To date, the campaign has generated over 12,860,697 impressions.



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