Wilbur is an ultra-simple loyalty program designed for busy business owners who don’t have extra time to spend managing a loyalty program, and for shoppers who don’t want another registration form to fill out, card to carry or app to download.

Wilbur hired Trust Relations in 2018, to help launch its new program founded by Smart Transaction Systems and to carve out a unique voice for the company within a competitive landscape. The firm created strategic messaging for Wilbur to highlight how the program flies in the face of contemporary trends toward data collection, and instead refuses to collect any information beyond a customer’s first name and phone number.


Trust Relations first created a series of bylined articles to lay the foundation for Wilbur as a thought leader, who is going against the grain within the customer loyalty program space. Next the firm set up introductory interviews with the company’s target media that led to placements in several key outlets.

In April 2019, Trust Relations assisted Wilbur with a Harris Poll survey regarding consumer sentiment towards customer loyalty programs. The survey results were publicized in multiple media outlets. Trust Relations has generated placements for Wilbur in high-impact outlets including Total Retail SurveyCWMagazineConvenience Store Products Colorado Hometown Weekly, Colorado Daily, The Daily Camera, Loyalty 360Customer ThinkSpecialty FoodGrocery DiveSmall Business TrendsMarketing DiveDaily CameraDIY MarketersThe Wise Marketer, Alley WatchStartup NationConvenience Store News and Pizza Magazine Quarterly.

At its close, the campaign generated over 1,709,407 impressions.


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Other Case Studies


Brooklyn Space

Using targeted media outreach strategy, Trust Relations successfully promoted Brooklyn Space’s month-long Black artist showcase in recognition of Juneteenth to their primary audience in the New York.



Trust Relations led a strategic media relations campaign for Xeneta’s Series C funding announcement, to create awareness of the company’s growth and emphasize their unique value proposition.



Trust Relations worked to create overall brand awareness for Rechat as well as establish the company as an expert in both the technology and real estate industries.