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Hamish Anderson

Executive Vice President, Marketing Group Director

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Hamish Anderson directs the marketing group at Trust Relations, where he strategizes and oversees integrated marketing solutions for clients by weaving together branding, marketing, advertising, SEO, SEM, digital marketing, and social media tactics that work in concert with brand credibility-building tactics like public relations and influencer relations.

He excels at helping clients identify the nexus between existing pain points and inherent opportunities and, time after time, has shown clients that it is at this intersection where a cut-through strategy can be developed to truly resonate with a target market.

Hamish’s experience purposefully spans Consumer Goods, Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality, and member organizations, as his philosophy is that good ideas can and should be leveraged across industries in ways that help clients achieve more robust and meaningful marketing outcomes.

Hamish received his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Marketing from Macquarie University in Sydney, and continued his studies at The University of Technology Sydney, where he completed an MBA with an emphasis on Digital Marketing.

Outside of work, Hamish is an avid runner and soccer player — healthy pastimes he uses to balance out his passion for wine.