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Irina Bogomolova


Irina has been copywriting for the last 8 years – unbeknownst to her! She began copywriting when she started a business in the addiction recovery field. Starting a business she wore many hats; one of which required that she write all the copy for her website, marketing materials, and eventually develop curriculum for an online course.

She quickly realized she was a huge fan of the creation process and dove into copywriting full time. She has helped many organizations revamp their websites, create one pagers, and develop online courses.

When it comes to her copywriting style, she puts a lot of focus on capturing her client’s brand while putting their prospects at the center of the site experience. She likes to get to the point, answer the prospects’ questions, and make sure the site is easy to navigate. The highlight of the role is getting clients able to articulate what it is that they really do and why their target audience should care.

Outside of copywriting, Irina is a competitive spoken word artist, author, roadbiker, gym goer, dog mom-er, and good ol’ fashion sleeper-inner. But she prides herself on trying reeaalllyy hard to rise early throughout random bouts of her life.