Lisa Salinas


Lisa has been a public relations professional for over two decades.  It was a fluke that Lisa stumbled onto public relations when a PR executive needed an PR pitcher that understood business and finance. The “marriage” of business and PR was a perfect fit for an outgoing gal!  Lisa has devised strategies and directed countless PR campaigns for money managers, hedge funds, technology companies, ETFs, public companies, and more.  Lisa has been a passionate environmental activist against coal, and has led a high profile media campaign against one of America’s largest private coal companies.  Lisa has secured extensive media coverage in most major news outlets, and is passionate about securing the best placements for clients!

Lisa is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and completed two semesters on Semester at Sea, a floating university that travels the Northern and Southern hemispheres while offering college courses in international business and relations.  In her spare time, she is a passionate designer and decorator!