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The tech sector is crowded and competitive. New startups are constantly emerging, and the big dogs on top are, well, big.

Whether you’ve been in the space awhile, or are new to the scene and are looking to make waves, you must find a way to rise above the noise.

Making yourself known means connecting and engaging with your target market in a purposeful and powerful way.

As a full-service technology PR firm, Trust Relations has the strategies, tools and knowledge to elevate awareness of your brand and separate you from the competition, exposing you to a whole new world of opportunities along the way.

Bespoke Tech PR Managed by Your Own Personal “Dream Team”

With a diverse set of clients operating across multiple verticals, we are more than just a tech PR firm. 

Our team is rostered with industry-leading professionals who boast experience in a wide range of industries each specializing in getting your message across, bringing your story to life and catapulting your business to the next level.

When you work with us, we will draw from our vast talent pool to curate the perfect “dream team” of our best and brightest PR practitioners from around the world with the right experience needed to craft your unique, individualized integrated marketing strategy. 

Because of our completely remote structure, we are not bound by geography when recruiting. This allows us to bring in the best people for the job, which translates to more compelling results for your business. 

Despite our breadth of expertise, we’re all driven by one mission: to help clients exceed the goals for their business.

Step Into the Future of
Technology PR:
Build Trust with Your Audiences

With so many players in the tech industry all competing for a limited amount of media exposure and business, the path to success must be paved by trust. 

Are you for real? Can you deliver on your promises? Can you really change your industry — or the world —  with your current product and/or services? 

These are all questions your prospective customers are going to ask before they agree to buy your product or do business with you, so the answer to each one better be “yes.”

At Trust Relations, building trust is what we do — so much so that it’s built right into our name. 

Unlike other tech public relations agencies, we go beyond tradition and take a different approach. 

To us, it’s not just about getting media impressions and exposure. We want to help you build a trusting relationship with your audience that you can leverage into sustained and continued growth for your company. 

We do this by finding creative ways to showcase who you are, while also sticking to our core values of authenticity and goodwill; these two traits resonate with any audience and help build real, genuine trust. 

If you want a tech PR agency that’s willing to kick the door down on the old way of doing things and go above and beyond for your business, then let’s chat.


An Operation as Nimble as You Are

In the tech space, you know as well as we do that you need to be ready to make changes quickly and often. Adaptability is essential to survival, especially for tech startups. 

To provide exceptional integrated marketing services for tech clients, we’ve adopted this same approach. 

Our fluid organizational structure allows us to pull talent from many different areas of expertise, whenever they’re needed. Need new web copy? Time to focus on business media to boost your  exposure ahead of your next round of funding? We make sure your dream team is staffed with the right PR experts based on your current goals and focus, and can easily swap in new, highly-specialized PR and integrated marketing practitioners as your business objectives change over time.

We’re also an entirely virtual agency, which allows us to better service your needs by being available across multiple time zones. Because we have fewer overhead expenses we can pass those savings onto our clients to offer more competitive retainers. 

Don’t slow your businesses down with other tech PR agencies that are still using outdated models. Instead, work with a team who gets your needs and is built to meet them.

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Learn to Trust Us!

Check out Our Past Technology PR Work:

When you hire Trust Relations as your technology PR agency, we will put trust-building at the center of your strategy. But first, it’s time to do a little trust-building of your own. 

Check out some of the technology companies we’ve helped in the past to see how our unique approach has helped drive impressive growth in both small and large companies.

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Case Study:
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Let’s Get to Work!

To succeed in the technology sector and bring your business to new heights, you need a tech PR agency that understands your business and is willing to do things differently. Don’t wait a second longer!