Casper’s Ice Cream


The Goal:

Casper’s Ice Cream, a cherished ice cream brand with nearly a century of history, was founded in 1925 by Casper Merrill. Over the years, the company evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing preferences of ice cream enthusiasts nationwide by offering a diverse range of delectable frozen treats.

In February 2020, Trust Relations was hired by Casper’s marketing team, Cover3 Creative. This unique partnership allowed both Trust Relations and Cover3 Creative arms to work hand-in-hand and hone in on which ideas would move the needle for brand awareness. At the onset of this collaboration, Casper’s Ice Cream products were already readily available in various markets, yet the brand itself was not widely known.

Trust Relations was brought on board with a specific mission: to enhance regional and national recognition of Casper’s Ice Cream sub-brands, including FatBoy Ice Cream, celebrated for its premium ice cream sandwiches; Jolly Llama, offering dairy- and gluten-free options to cater to the needs of ice cream enthusiasts with dietary restrictions; and Churn Baby, a boutique-style series featuring cookie-topped ice cream treats and cookie ice cream sandwiches.

During the course of the partnership, the Casper’s executive team began to pursue acquisition. To support this goal, Trust Relations enacted a targeted outreach campaign to garner increased press coverage in niche industry outlets and mainstream consumer publications to strengthen the company’s positioning as a valuable opportunity for potential investors. Trust Relations worked closely with the Casper’s marketing team to enact creative PR activations to encourage press coverage, including ice cream giveaways at NASCAR events and regional rodeos.


As a result of Trust Relations’ multi-faceted PR plans for each of the company’s sub brands, the agency created press kits, messaging and creative media angles to ensure a consistent stream of news coverage. In addition, the agency provided editorial support for the company’s participation in ExpoWest, and worked closely with the Casper’s marketing team to garner top-tier press coverage and impactful trade features to strengthen the company’s investor-focused initiatives. As a result, Trust Relations secured placements in outlets such as The Wall Street JournalThe StrategistWirecutterUSA, Yahoo! LifestyleAJCFood, ParadeVeg News, two Veg Out Magazine pieces, Food Business News, Broadcast Tour, UproxxBevNet, two Eat This, Not That!The Soup to Nuts Podcast, featured the company on the The Carey Reilly ShowFood Navigator USASweety High, Refrigerated & Frozen FoodsThe Vegan ReviewBeyond the Flag2 pieces in The NibbleGoDairy FreeNosh,, Dairy BusinessHJ NewsIn Good Taste DenverDairy FoodsWeekly VillagerOrlando SentinelThe Atlanta Journal Constitution, 3 pieces in Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer, Marketing Trends Podcast, Southern Living.

At its close, the campaign generated over 1,252,572,642 impressions.


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