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February 4, 2022 0 Comments

11 - News Stories, New Features and What’s Hot (Or Not) in Media & Marketing

Episode 011

In today’s episode, Chris and April dive into the communications industry stories that are making waves in the first month of the year.  They’re covering NBC’s hiring of an ex-FBI official and the implications for trust in mainstream media, Volvo’s handling of an image usage rights violation, and the state of print media this year. For this week’s “Cash or Trash?” segment, our hosts look at Inc.’s ranking of 2021’s most bizarre brand stories, and then close out with a quick tip on leveraging Instagram Live’s new screenshare feature.


Breaking News

Isreal Press Release: prn.to/3onU31U
I-95 Bread: fxn.ws/3J0mNFN
TikTok vs. Google: bit.ly/3oo7Zci

Cash or Trash? 

Frito-Lay + Rick Astley: bit.ly/3upaQ8O

Point & Counterpoint 

PBR Tweet: bit.ly/3AWCTxh


April is the president and founder of Trust Relations, a fast-growing and virtual PR agency: https://trustrelations.agency/.

Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency, a digital marketing firm: https://gosalesandmarketing.com/.

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