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16 - The Latest on Media Credibility, False Advertising and Breakout Brand Campaigns

Episode 016

Welcome back for another episode of Hype Busters! Join us for the show this week as April and Chris tackle some major developments in the communications industry. They’re discussing USA Today’s misreported ad placements, the UK’s regulation of gender stereotypes in ad campaigns, and the rise of AI-driven branding tools. Our hosts also chat about the pros and cons of Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing, and make the call on whether Dollar Shave Club’s “chin-fluencer” campaign and Duolingo’s new tattoo translator are cash moves or trash ideas for the brands.


More on our “BREAKING NEWS” segment:

Gender Roles In Ads:: https://bit.ly/3veoYjQ

USA Today: on.wsj.com/36dGgFg

More on our “Point & Counterpoint” segment:

Picsart: bit.ly/37oOECi

Netflix Security: bit.ly/3M6L0M6 

More on our “Cash or Trash?” segment:

Dollar Shave Club: bit.ly/3rmVUph

Duolingo Tattoos: bit.ly/3vqcNAK


April is the president and founder of Trust Relations, a fast-growing and virtual PR agency: https://www.trustrelations.agency/.

Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency, a digital marketing firm: https://gosalesandmarketing.com/.

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