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17 - Social Media Trends and Food Branding Flops

Episode 017

This week on Hype Busters, April and Chris are laser-focused on the latest trends and campaigns to hit social media this month. They’re chatting about Facebook’s faulty ad reporting, Doja Cat’s Taco Bell jingle on Tik Tok and Elon Musk’s idea to create a new social platform. They’re also covering some recent food branding flops, including Pizza Hut’s official “Struggle Bus,” the new Tostitos audio logo, Coke’s new pixel-flavored drink, and a final call on whether Frito Lay’s “Potadomes” at Coachella are a cash move or a trash stunt. And of course, April and Chris also weigh in on Will Smith’s recent scandal at the Oscars.


More on our “BREAKING NEWS” segment:

Elon Musk: cnb.cx/3krXAdk
Facebook Ads: bit.ly/3vPm9Go

More on our “Point & Counterpoint” segment:

Doja Cat & Taco Bell: bit.ly/3kofbCH

More on our “Cash or Trash?” segment:

Lays At Coachella: bit.ly/3MHn4z8
Pizza Hut Struggle Bus: bit.ly/3LwCiai
Tostidos Audio Logo: bit.ly/3KvkFWO
Pixel-Flavored Coke: bit.ly/3vRLE9Y




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