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PR Agency Advantage: How Hiring a PR Firm Can Boost Your In-House Marketing Team

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When it comes to marketing, many companies rely on an in-house team. But what they may not realize is that hiring a strategic communications firm or public relations (PR) agency can bolster the successes of their internal marketing team. 

The right media relations campaign can secure third-party validation for your brand, backed by respected media outlets in your industry. It can unlock new markets, increase brand awareness, and impress potential customers and investors. It can establish your reputation as an industry thought leader and cement your position as a leading name in your industry.

The best agency partnerships are collaborative, and your PR firm should serve as an extension of your in-house marketing team to help you achieve your business goals. Here’s how.

PR agencies bring a fresh perspective.

Internal teams can get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks. When you’re caught up in the everyday grind  of running a business, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture –  that’s where a strategic communications firm can be an asset. By taking a step back and objectively looking at your company, an external PR agency can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This information can then be used to refocus your marketing efforts and make better use of your resources.

PR isn’t something you just “pick up.”

The practice of good PR isn’t easy to learn on your own. It’s an intricate network that weaves together delicate relationships with media outlets, important  stakeholders, customers and the brands that serve them . In-house marketing teams—unless they have real-world PR experience—are not well-equipped to take on the launch of a media relations program on their own. 

There are several reasons for this. The media landscape is complex, and it is always changing. A good PR campaign considers each reporter’s unique needs and those of the publications they write for. They take the time to learn which beats they cover what tone of voice they use, and why a story would be approved at the editor’s desk. Then, it takes careful expertise to develop a pitch that positions that story in a compelling way that will hook the reporter and earn their interest. 

Further, PR results require time and patience. It can take weeks of pitching to place your story with the right publication, and to secure interviews with top-tier press, you may need to conduct strategic outreach, meetings, and planning for months.

PR agencies have specialized expertise.

Your internal team may be good at digital marketing, social media management and advertising, but they’re unlikely to have the specific knowledge and skills needed to execute a successful PR campaign. When it comes to getting your company noticed, a strategic communications firm or PR agency is an asset. These firms have teams of experts who are experienced in developing and implementing effective PR campaigns for specific market verticals and across niche industries. They can help you to raise awareness for your company and its products or services, generate positive media coverage, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and build relationships with key media publications.

Leverage relationships already established by PR agencies.

In business, relationships are everything. This is especially true when pitching to the media. A skipped PR practitioner will spend years cultivating relationships  with respected reporters and publications, which makes the process of introducing your brand to the press much smoother. The key here is to create custom pitches for every reporter, to offer real value, and to develop a genuine rapport with those media contacts over time.

A PR agency has the skills and wealth of resources to craft personalized story angles and pitches that invite the journalist to take interest in your brand. That interest is key to inspiring the journalist to write about you. 

PR agencies can provide additional resources.

Even the best internal marketing team can benefit from some extra help. If you’re planning a major launch or undertaking a new marketing initiative, a strategic communications firm can provide additional manpower and resources. This can be especially helpful if you don’t have a large internal marketing team, or if your in-house crew is inexperienced in media relations. 

PR agencies can supplement your team’s efforts by providing additional support and strategic guidance. They can also offer valuable insights and perspectives that you may not have considered. Is your press release written in AP Style? Does your contributed article include the right keywords to improve your SEO? Is your upcoming company announcement newsworthy enough to make a media splash? How should you prepare for potential crisis situations or public backlash? A PR agency team can guide you.

Amplify your marketing campaigns.

In terms of synergies, PR is a great way to amplify any marketing activities that your in-house team is already doing. A PR team can work with your internal marketers to craft campaigns that will break through today’s rapidly evolving  news cycle.

Often, marketing campaigns can be PR friendly; it just takes someone with the right expertise to develop your noteworthy company initiatives into a headline-worthy story angle or campaign. 

Hiring a strategic communications firm or PR agency is an important decision for any brand. But if you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, it’s worth the investment. With a fresh perspective, specialized expertise, and additional resources, a strategic communications firm can help your company achieve its marketing goals. Interested in what an agency partnership can do for you? Reach out! You can work with us here.



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