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April 29, 2024 0 Comments

Trust Relations Celebrates 5 Years in Business: A Conversation with CEO & Founder April White

Trust Relations is thrilled to celebrate five years in business!

The unspoken truth is this: The traditional PR agency model is broken, and we’re on a mission to reinvent it and replace it with something better. The status quo for PR and integrated marketing agencies works against employees and clients. With the Trust Relations approach, we’re dedicated to changing clients’ expectations of what a PR partner can be — and then exceeding them. 

Since 2019, Trust Relations has transformed from one solo practitioner’s vision of a better future for the PR industry, into a place where the best and brightest professionals can thrive. It’s a place where clients have transparency into their account services, control over their budgets, and access to the best advocates to tell their stories to the world.

With the power of media relations, we’ve supercharged the trajectory of 139 brands. We’ve proven the power of building brand trust with six industry awards and honors for our considerate workplace culture, our original podcasts and our leadership team. Our team, from their homes in 22 cities, have secured more than 1,455 media placements and generated 70,043,118,582 impressions, and counting. 

We offer media relations, affiliate marketing, content development, brand and corporate messaging, and a full suite of integrated marketing services to meet the needs of every client, at every stage of their lifcycle. We serve industries in B2B technology, beauty and lifestyle PR, food & beverage, wellness, medtech and healthcare, logistics & supply chain, and more.

As we enter year six, we are as steadfast as ever in our fierce commitment to challenge the industry status quo to become better, kinder, more authentic, and more future-proof. 

April White founded this agency in 2019, to disrupt the industry status quo and transform public relations as the world knows it. Half a decade into that journey, our mission remains the same: To replace public relations with “trust relations” by discovering and championing every brand’s authentic truth. 


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