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01 - Meet the Hype Busters: Behind the Screens with April & Chris



Welcome to Hype Busters! Get to know your hosts Christopher Tompkins and April Margulies in our first-ever episode of the show, as they deliver a much-needed dose of “real talk” on the latest news and trends in strategic communications. This week, they’re welcoming guest Raúl González Acuña, a self-described serial entrepreneur and the CEO & founder of RGA Engineering International, to discuss his experience as a founder and his work in Venezuela to provide clean drinking water for local communities. Chris and April also assess the wisdom of Tesla’s PR-free communications approach, and make the call on whether Kim Kardashian’s latest editing fail was a Cash or Trash.

Show Notes

Today’s “BREAKING NEWS”:  

More on our “Cash or Trash?” segment:

Learn more about Raul’s projects here:

April is the president and founder of Trust Relations, a fast-growing and virtual PR agency.
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Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency, a digital marketing firm.
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Hype Busters:
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