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August 30, 2021 0 Comments

Three Tips for Successful PR Storytelling

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Three Tips for Successful PR Storytelling


For every PR professional, the million-dollar question is:


“How do I generate excitement around this brand?”


Many have realized storytelling is a powerful tool that, if done correctly, can captivate audiences across the globe. Consumers today are unmoved by flashy advertisements and billboards vying for their attention on the side of the road. Instead, audiences want to feel personally connected to the brands they support. Reports show consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase, champion and protect purpose-driven brands.


For example, Ben & Jerry’s is a brand dedicated to furthering social causes its founders are passionate about. Co-founder Ben Cohen started the ice cream company on the belief that the strongest bond that can be created with customers starts with a shared set of values. Even after being acquired by British consumer goods conglomerate Unilever in 2000, the brand has taken a firm stance on several issues such as criminal justice reform, climate change and LGBT equality. Ben & Jerry’s has been able to garner widespread public support as a result of their strong brand story and demonstrable advocacy for progressive causes.


Storytelling is a great way to sculpt a brand narrative and create lifelong supporters. Here are three things to remember when implementing storytelling into PR copywriting.

PR Storytelling: How to Tell A Compelling Brand Story

1. Stay focused on your customers, not the product.

Your customer is the main protagonist of your brand’s story — not the company itself.  are happy to take initiative with brands they support. However, they must be able to identify themselves within the brand narrative. Keeping the company story personal will create a stronger pull towards your offering over the competition.


To create personal relevance in your PR story, consider why the business was started and express a specific brand mission when creating content.  Most of all, always remember the needs of your audience. Honing in on this will make your storytelling both relatable and compelling.

2. Make an emotional impact.

Humans are emotional beings. When it comes to PR and marketing, this fact remains true. Consumers tend to make choices based on emotion rather than pure fact. Sure, product comparisons occur before a buying decision is made. Truth be told, however, the final decision likely came down to an emotional choice rather than a fact-based one.


Choosing the right way to add emotional impact to your story can be difficult. Remember, your stories must be authentic. In our current digital world, consumers see through fake stories and attempts at deceit. Without authenticity, it is impossible to make a lasting positive impact on your audience.

3. Choose the right medium

Today, there are several channels for brands to tell their story, whether it’s TV, radio, online or a combination of all. Choosing the right medium comes with understanding your audience and their habits. Are you promoting a lifestyle brand for millennials? Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are likely your best bet. What about a supplements brand serving the elderly? This message is much better told through traditional media forms like TV and radio.


Choosing the wrong medium for your story is almost as counterproductive as not creating a story at all. To master this, you must not only consider your audience’s habits but also how narratives are told on specific platforms. This will lay the foundation for a compelling story and successful PR copywriting.


Brand storytelling is the key to creating PR content that moves consumers and encourages them to take action. Telling a great purpose-driven story can have an immense impact on how your brand is perceived and adopted. Although easier said than done, these three tips will help you captivate an audience through a well-told narrative.


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