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06 - Integrated Marketing 101 (Feat. Hamish Anderson)

Episode 006

This week, hosts Chris and April are taking a deep dive into integrated marketing — and why brands should get on board, or be left behind. With special guest Hamish Anderson, Trust Relations’ Executive Vice President/Marketing group director and founder of Three Piece marketing, they’re discussing the advantages of an omni-channel approach to digital, how clients can make the most of their marketing resources and how outsourcing to an agency can yield powerful results. Chris and April also cover the latest industry news this week with a discussion on the PR plays behind this year’s major moments in media censorship, discuss whether Twitter’s new user regulations will have a positive impact and determine whether Sleepy Time Tea’s recent Instagram thirst trap was a cash move or a trash idea for the brand. They also chat about recent trends in business this quarter, as clients seek to diversify their digital spend.



YouTube’s Anti-Vax Ban – 

Facebook Whistleblower –

Google’s Stance on Climate –

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