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December 23, 2021 0 Comments

07 - SEO Myths and Misconceptions (Feat. Alexandra Marshall)

Episode 007

This week, hosts Chris and April are busting the hype around SEO for marketing pros, including common misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t, with special guest Alexandra Marshall, president of SEO.com. Chris and April also cover the latest industry news, including the recent public backlash over Edelman’s representation of Exxon, why billionaires are using celebrity spokespeople to promote space tourism, and the significance of Pinterest’s latest revenue report for marketers. Your favorite duo also dives into the techier side of social this week, discussing recent developments in the Metaverse and Walmart’s foray into AR experiences for customers. Our hosts close out the Just The Tip with an assessment of Amazon’s steady rise as an ecommerce icon and how consumer brands can get on board.


Today’s “Breaking News”: 

Edelman & Exxon – https://bit.ly/3cIGYdt 

Billionaires & Space Celebrities – https://bit.ly/3cI7OlO 

Pinterest Revenue – https://cnb.cx/2Zq0KY8Metaverse 

Skin Suit – https://bit.ly/311xozO 

Meta Stores – https://nyti.ms/3DON9s8 

More on our “Cash or Trash?” segment: 

Walmart AR – https://bit.ly/3xrFvSb 

Zoom Ads – https://tcrn.ch/3nMEy3x 

From “Just the Tip”: 

Amazon sales – https://bwnews.pr/30Tu1L2 

Check out Alexandra’s work here:  



April is the president and founder of Trust Relations, a fast-growing and virtual PR agency: https://trustrelations.agency/.

Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency, a digital marketing firm: https://gosalesandmarketing.com/.

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