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March 18, 2022 0 Comments

14 - Ad Targeting, Marketing Mishaps and Pop Culture Faux Pas

Episode 013

This week on Hype Busters, April and Chris are hashing out The New York Times’ handling of their recent Wordle acquisition, and diving into what the future of ad targeting might hold for digital marketing professionals. They’re also chatting about best practices for gaining momentum as a social media influencer. For this week’s “Cash or Trash?” segment, your favorite hosts discuss Kendall Jenner’s latest tequila brand promotions and Miller’s voyage into the world of health-conscious beer. BONUS: April and Chris attempt an “unboxing” of Donald Trump’s new Truth Social app.



Trump’s Truth Social: 

Brand Targeting Study:,Shoppers%20Will%20Unsubscribe%20From%20A%20Brand,Are%20Incorrectly%20Targeted%2C%20Study%20Finds&text=Consumers%20have%20little%20patience%20with,parcelLab%2C%20conducted%20with%20YouGov%20PLC

Point & Counterpoint:


More on our “Cash or Trash?” segment: 

Kendall Tequila: 



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