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May 27, 2022 0 Comments

19 - How Big Brands Are Leveraging Google Search, Social Media Videos and Creative Ad Tactics

Episode 019

On the show today, April and Chris weigh in on the latest news in social media, with their reactions to the rise of the Be Real social app, LinkedIn’s recent decision to down-rank engagement-baiting posts, and the overall role of authenticity in effective digital strategy. They also cover Google’s image search update and how the new feature might impact brands online. For this week’s Point & Counterpoint segment, our hosts spar over Tumblr’s comeback in the Gen Z demographic and chat about whether employee-generated content is a viable option for brands today. As always, April and Chris also share their hot takes on whether some of the latest headline-making brand campaigns were “Cash or Trash?” This week, they’re covering KFC’s chicken bouquet campaign, the launch of IHOP’s loyalty program, Coors Light’s new Miami-based billboards, and Pinterest’s latest video feature.



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