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Is Hiring a PR Agency Worth It?

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You have a growing brand and an in-house marketing team. They’re certainly an asset, wearing multiple hats — maybe too many, the more you think about it. There could be more buzz about your startup, right? And why are certain key members of the media ignoring your press releases and pitches? It’s a head scratcher for sure. Would bringing in a third-party PR agency help close these gaps?  

Yes! In-house PR and marketing communications teams are great, but they can get more accomplished with the help of a more specialized partner agency. PR agencies are staffed by talented strategic communications professionals who wear the many hats you and your brand need. They are plugged into the various media outlets, journalists and influencers who can help you break through the industry noise and reach your target audience more effectively.

4 Ways Your In-House Team Will Benefit From a PR Agency

  1. Your in-house team has many strengths, but they can’t do it all. Your in-house marketing team is likely already juggling multiple tasks, with PR and media outreach among them. A PR agency does public relations, period. They can pick up many of the tasks your team struggles to complete, such as media pitching, content creation, writing press releases and monitoring media placements. A PR agency partner could also handle key messaging, share of voice reporting among competitors, as well as identify new ways to reach your key target audiences to boost your brand credibility and loyalty. 
  2. Your in-house staff just represents your brand, so they may not be familiar with various industries and have the same depth as a PR professional at an agency. When you use an agency, you get a team of specialized PR experts who have a wider set of skills that maximize your time and resources. Many agencies have specialists with diverse areas of expertise—from strategic messaging, media relations and thought leadership, to social media marketing, SEM, content development and even branding and design. When you work with an agency, your in-house team can tap into that expanded expertise, and not to mention benefit from having an outside perspective on brand positioning
  3. When you enlist the help of a PR agency, you have access to media relations experts, specialized copywriters and more. When you set up an in-house team, you can only hire the experts that your budget can afford. If you were to hire a full suite PR and integrated marketing agency like Trust Relations, you gain access to a variety of experts including media relations gurus, seasoned copywriters, SEO strategists and creative graphic designers. While starting an in-house team can be a smart move in the beginning, just remember it takes time for your team to ramp up and acquire all the skills that your business needs to succeed and grow.
  4. When your in-house team works in conjunction with a PR agency, you can get the best of both worlds. Why not take advantage of all the benefits of both internal and external marketing and strategic communications teams (if budget allows) to help take your brand to the next level? After all, the goal of a well-rounded marketing and PR campaign is to improve brand recognition and awareness and to promote the products and/or services that your company offers through both earned and paid media.

To learn more about how an in-house PR team can benefit from working with an external PR agency, contact a qualified PR agency who has the skills and expertise you need for your business to succeed.


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