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August 5, 2022 0 Comments

Brand Authenticity: From External Marketing to Internal Communications

Episode 024

April and Chris are discussing brand authenticity as it applies across the marketing spectrum, from external campaigns to internal communications strategies. They assess some recent examples of messaging strategies — good and bad — from the news, including allegations of fraud at Weber Shandwick, Meta’s human rights report, and public backlash over Instagram’s emphasis on video. In this “Point / Counterpoint” segment, they debate the role of internal communicators in overall brand success and spar over Chris’ latest article for Newsweek. They have some hot takes in “Cash or Trash?” and discuss: A&W’s Ryan Reynolds impersonator, Velveeta’s new martini recipe and an emo-inspired logo makeover at Wendy’s.


Weber Shandwick fraud:

Meta’s Human Rights Report: 

Instagram vs. TikTok:

Point & Counterpoint:

Internal communicators: 

Is “Cringe” The Next Big Content Trend?:

Cash or Trash?

Ryan Reynolds + A&W: 

Wendy’s logo:

Velveeta-Infused Martini: 


April is the president and founder of Trust Relations:

Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency:

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