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October 8, 2021 0 Comments

On the podcast this week, we are welcoming Trust Relations’ fabulous account director, Sofia Coon! Sofia is here to share about her experience in carving a unique path in the PR field, including her experiences working at agencies large and small, as well as some lessons learned from working on an in-house communications team and now as a full-time freelancer. April and Laura also chat about the dos and don’ts of staffing a client kickoff meeting, and take a deep look at Fortune’s decision to postpone its CEOI conference over fears of disruptions from newsroom staffers who planned to picket the event. As always, our hosts share an anonymous PR Horror Story from the audience — this time, about a PR pro who found himself on the receiving end of a scathing Tweet from a reporter.

Read the PR News of the Week here: https://www.thedailybeast.com/fortune-ceo-postpones-major-event-after-magazine-staffers-plan-to-str

Learn more about Sofia here: https://www.sofiakathryn.com/ and https://trustrelations.agency/meet-your-dream-team/sofia-coon

Connect with Trust Relations on our website at https://trustrelations.agency/

You can also stream the show live at 2:00 pm ET every Saturday, on ElectroMagnetic Radio: https://www.em-radio.com/

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