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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
52: Mandy Menaker - Using Metrics to Make Media Magic

On the show this week, out hosts are sitting down in the virtual recording booth with special guest Mandy Menaker, the Global Head of PR at ClassPass! She’s here to share her experience leading the health and wellness brand throughout each phase of the pandemic, and discuss how using metrics can help communicators to generate meaningful stories even in challenging times. April and Laura also chat about a recent NPR report uncovering one man’s experience with false accusations reported in the Wall Street Journal, and discuss the impact of reporting revisions and SEO for negative press. Your favorite hosts also offer advice for navigating common questions during client media training sessions, and share an Anonymous PR Horror Story from the audience about a client with a tendency to stretch the truth during interviews.

Learn more about Mandy’s work here: https://www.mandymenaker.com/

Learn more about ClassPass here: https://classpass.com/

Connect with Trust Relations on our website at https://trustrelations.agency/

You can also stream the show live at 2:00 pm ET every Saturday, on ElectroMagnetic Radio: https://www.em-radio.com/

Have an anonymous PR horror story to share or questions you want to hear answered on the show? Email us at contact@prwinedown.com.

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