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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
63: Alex Sanfilippo - Guesting Vs. Hosting: Leveraging Podcasts to Build Brand Trust

This week, April and Laura welcome special guest Alex Sanfilippo, founder and podcast host at PodPros. He’s here to chat with your favorite hosts about his “Know, Like and Trust” approach to branding, and how leveraging opportunities on both sides of the podcast mic can help entrepreneurs and thoughts leaders to establish brand credibility. April and Laura also discuss how PR practitioners at any stage of their careers can get better at taking constructive feedback and unpack why taking criticism can be challenging in an industry where perfectionism is a common trait. For this week’s Anonymous PR Horror Story, they share advice for a listener who recently faced a dangerous mandatory team building exercise — and April even shares a team-building flashback of her own!

Learn about PodPros here: https://podpros.com/

Connect with Trust Relations:

Have an anonymous PR horror story to share or questions you want to be answered on the show? Email us at contact@prwinedown.com.

You can stream the show live at 2:00 pm ET every Saturday, on ElectroMagnetic Radio: https://www.em-radio.com/

You can also connect with Trust Relations on our website: https://trustrelations.agency/ or on social media:

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Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/prwinedown/message

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