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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
73: Brendan Kumarasamy: Strategies to Improve Your Communication Skills

This week on the show, hosts April and Laura welcome Brendan Kumarasamy, founder of MasterTalk. He’s here to share tips, tricks and strategies that any executive can adopt to become a better presenter, speaker and interviewee. They also analyze the recent social media controversy over Cracker Barrel’s new plant-based meat menu offering, with advice for companies seeking to expand their markets without alienating existing customers. Next, they share advice for keeping your inbox organized—even as a busy PR professional. Today’s Anonymous PR Horror Story comes from one unfortunate listener, who mistakenly said, “I love you,” on a client call.

Learn more about Brendan’s work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYFP4mZLQovr7W6Si6sueA

Read the PR News of the Week here:

Cracker Barrel’s Plant-Based Sausage Announcement: https://www.newsweek.com/cracker-barrel-causes-stir-plant-based-sausage-menu-announcement-1730662

Things I Should Have Been Trained On:

How to follow up with a reporter (without annoying them into despair.)


How to keep your inbox organized as a PR professional.

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