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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
75: Andy Lutzky: Finding Power in Your PR Career

Hosts April and Laura welcome Andy Lutzky, an influencer marketer and professor at the University of Southern California. He joins the show this week to discuss his article, “Why Public Relations Professionals Feel Powerlessness, and What to Do About It.” April and Laura also analyze the factors at play in the recent stabbing death of Las Vegas journalist Jeff German and the indictment of a local politician in connection to the murder. They also share advice for PR professionals to stay focused on quality results, despite PR’s negative reputation in movies and media. Today’s Anonymous PR Horror Story comes from a listener who is struggling to convince a consumer client to share product samples with the press.

Learn more about Heather’s work:

Read Andy’s article on powerlessness in PR: https://www.andylutzky.com/blog/the-powerlessness-black-hole

Learn more about Andy’s work: https://www.andylutzky.com/about

Read the PR News of the Week here:


Things I Should Have Been Trained On:

How to keep your head help high in the face of PR’s bad rap.

Read the article here: https://www.prdaily.com/its-time-for-the-pr-industry-to-stop-with-self-loathing-and-demand-better/

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