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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
80: Carin Warner & Carly Martinetti: The Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Notably PR (Part 1)

Today on the show, hosts April and Laura welcome guests Carin Warner and Carly Martinetti to the virtual recording booth. Tune in as the co-founders of Notably PR they discuss their unique business story, from managing client expectations to launching a successful family-owned brand. They also cover Carin’s experience taking on a Fortune 500 behemoth selling carcinogenic cleaning products on behalf of a greener alternative —the household favorite, Seventh Generation. Also in this episode, April and Laura discuss the ongoing controversy over M&M’S popular spokescandies —including an analysis of whether the saga is a true case of public backlash, or a Super Bowl season PR stunt.

Listener Note: We’ve missed you! Today’s episode brings us back to a bi-weekly cadence. Tune in every two weeks as April and Laura share the latest trends and issues impacting the PR landscape.

Learn more about Notably here: https://notablypr.com/

Read about Maya Rudolph’s collaboration with M&MS here: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/mms-rebrand-mayas

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