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39: From the Directors' Chair: Behind the Scenes of INFLUENCE with Diana Neille & Richard Poplak

Episode 039


Today on the PR Wine Down, hosts April and Laura welcome special guests Diana Neille and Richard Poplak, directors of the industry-exposé documentary film, “INFLUENCE: the Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Dangerous Public Relations Company.” Together, the award-winning investigative journalists take our hosts behind the scenes to discuss the creation of the film, which premiered at Sundance last year and traced the rise and fall of the notorious British multinational PR firm, Bell Pottinger. They also discuss advancements in weaponized communication, analyze the forces shaping the geopolitical landscape today and assess the state of the PR industry on a global scale. April and Laura also deliver some practical advice for pitching to potential clients, read an Anonymous PR Horror Story about a Zoom call gone very wrong, and react to the recent news that The New York Times has retired the term “op-ed.”

Guest Speakers

INFLUENCE is available to watch in the U.S. today, on all streaming platforms. Find it on iTunes here:

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