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41: Cristina Dennstedt - Pandemic Branding Pivots & the Remote Work Reckoning

Episode 041


This week’s episode features guest Cristina Dennstedt, the Director of Marketing Communications + Brand Experience at Vorwerk, LLC – Thermomix USA, to discuss the lessons she learned while managing PR initiatives for a world-class kitchen brand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosts April and Laura also bring a bit of PR news into the mix, and loop Christina in on a controversial Washington Post op-ed that caught fire on Twitter this month. Together, they assess the professional and cultural implications of a return to office life, and consider the long-term value of remote work for PR professionals. As always, April and Laura share a PR Horror Story from the listening audience – this one, about a live TV interview that went very wrong. They also share advice for crafting a strong media strategy following a major client announcement, when company news may be lacking.

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Read the PR News of the Week here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/05/06/ceo-i-want-my-employees-understand-risks-not-returning-work-office/

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