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Kaila Pryzmus - Revving Up Your Affiliate PR Program

This week on the PR Wine Down, our hosts welcome Kaila Przymus, CEO of KMO Consulting. Kaila specializes in generating high-revenue affiliate-based PR programs, and she’s here to walk us through the key elements of a successful affiliate program, from setting up your links, to boosting your pitches, to landing placements that can generate revenue for years to come. April and Laura also discuss best practices for managing reporter relationships when a media contact goes dark — even after an interview. In this week’s PR News segment, April and Laura take a critical look at the PR strategies business leaders should consider when navigating vaccine mandates for their employees and customers; they also touch on the recent Facebook whistleblower interview and discuss the role of data privacy in media today. As always, they also read the latest Anonymous PR Horror Story to land in their inboxes, this time from a listener whose client failed to pay for their PR services.

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