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58: Angela Bonnici - Agency Operations: From Over-Servicing to Over-Delivering



Today on the show, your favorite hosts are chatting with Angela Bonnici, Chief Publicity Officer at Super Connector Media. They’re tackling the common pain points and challenges PR practitioners face — from client management to account profitability. They also take a deep dive into agency leadership, operational efficiency and lessons learned from their favorite PR roles over the years. April and Laura also assess the impact of news industry scandals on the overall credibility of the press, share their best tips to avoid over-servicing client accounts, and weigh in on the recent Vans x USPS brand collaboration. This week’s Anonymous PR Horror Story features a listener who sent a heated email to their boss, only to regret hitting “send.”

Read the PR News of the Week here:

Cuomo scandal: https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/04/media/cnn-fires-chris-cuomo/index.html

Vans + USPS collab: https://yello.substack.com/p/this-usps-x-vans-collab-is-officially?mod=djemCMOToday

Learn more about Angela’s work here: https://superconnectormedia.com/our-story/

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