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56: Donna Loughlin - Trade Shows, Tech & Tackling the Work-Life Balance



In the virtual recording booth this week our hosts welcome Donna Loughlin, founder and president of Loughlin/Michaels Group PR (LMGPR). She’s here to chat with April and Laura about the evolution of the Silicon Valley tech scene and how the pandemic has changed trade shows and supply chain issues for the tech sector. Together, they also discuss Donna’s advice for female entrepreneurs and PR pros seeking to find a better work-life balance. April and Laura also share their best practices for crafting the perfect press release for rookie publicists and seasoned practitioners alike. They also cover the latest news on the rise of independent newsletters and freelance journalism, with a discussion on how Substack and Facebook Bulletin have attracted high-profile reporters and commentators to their ranks.


Read the PR News of the Week here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/journalists-venture-beyond-their-newsrooms-to-try-to-cash-in-11635606509

Learn more about Donna’s work here:https://www.lmgpr.com/

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