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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
83: Agency Management: Strategies for Sales and In-Person Events (with Guest Host Ronjini Joshua)

For today’s special guest host episode, we’re welcoming Ronjini Joshua! She is the CEO of the Silver Telegram PR agency, and the podcast host and author behind “The PR Playbook.” Ronjini also appeared in episode 57! In the PR News segment, April and Ronjini discuss the current state of the PR industry, with a look at a recent community poll from PR NEWS and advice for agency leaders working to land new clients in a rocky economy. They also read an Anonymous PR Horror Story about one rookie PR manager’s first experience with in-person events and discuss best practices for securing deskside interviews.


Read about the PR NEWS industry poll here:  ​​https://www.prnewsonline.com/is-the-pr-industry-hiring-or-layoffs/ 


Ronjini Joshua is the founder of The Silver Telegram, a boutique PR firm focused on Media Relations. From Southern California to Silicon Valley and back, Ronjini has spent the last two decades working with enterprise and consumer tech brands, now including green tech and cannabis. She is an author and host of The PR Playbook Podcast, a podcast on decoding public relations for brands as well as the host of The Green Room podcast, a podcast about the journey of the cannabis industry and the people innovating it.

Learn more about Doug’s work here: https://thesilvertelegram.com/

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