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Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
84: Peter George: Public Speaking Essentials for PR Pros

This week, the PR Wine Down is back to our regularly-scheduled programming! Your favorite co-hosts, April and Laura, are back in the virtual recording booth. Today’s guest is Peter George, author of “The Captivating Public Speaker” and CEO of Peter George Public Speaking. He’s here to cover the top three tips to help PR practitioners train (and become) better spokespeople. April and Laura also dive into a new Anonymous PR Horror Story from the listening audience, about an account executive struggling to find an effective mentor.

Listener Note: We’ve missed you! We’re back to a bi-weekly cadence. Tune in every two weeks as April and Laura share the latest trends and issues impacting the PR landscape.

Learn more about f Peter George Public Speaking here: https://petergeorgepublicspeaking.com/ 

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Have an anonymous PR horror story to share or questions you want to be answered on the show? Email us at contact@prwinedown.com.

You can stream the show live at 2:00 pm ET every Saturday, on ElectroMagnetic Radio.

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