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October 13, 2023 0 Comments

Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
Halloween Special: Tricks of the Trade & How to Treat Your Team (Feat. Jen Berson)

Halloween is just around the corner, so this Friday the 13th, April and Laura are back with an annual tradition: It’s time for the PR Wine Down Halloween Special! Get ready to pour yourself a brew and tune in as we share a terrifying tale from the PR realm. This week’s PR Horror Story features a mortifying write-in from one listener who was reprimanded at work for allegedly over-indulging in the agency’s office snack supply.

As an added treat, we have a new segment to share with you! In How to Pitch Me, your favorite hosts will share reporter write-ins that outline their top three tips for pitching. Today, we’re featuring tips from Olivia Morley, a senior reporter from Adweek covering agency news and trends. 

Today’s guest of honor is Jennifer Berson, the founder and president of Jeneration PR and host of the Pitching Powerhouse podcast. She's here to discuss the best strategies to secure top-tier media coverage for lifestyle industry clients, as well as her career journey from practicing attorney to established PR professional. It's going to be a scream!

Follow Jen Berson’s work here: https://www.jenerationpr.com/

Get the latest from Olivia Morley, including her contact information and coverage for Adweek, here: https://www.adweek.com/contributor/olivia-morley/ 

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