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September 29, 2023 0 Comments

Trust Relations Agency
Trust Relations Agency
Katya Allison: PR, AI & How to Bill for Your Time

Today, we’re welcoming Katya Allison to the PR Wine Down! Katya is an expert marketing consultant and host of the Let’s Talk Marketing podcast. Since the time of this recording, Katya has also taken on a marketing & communications management role at CAE Healthcare. She’s here with April and Laura to discuss how marketing and PR professionals can leverage AI to make their work more efficient and more creative, and why learning to be a “super-prompter” is a crucial skill for integrated communications professionals today. They also cover a recent headline from Axios, about why AI is a threat to the billable hour revenue model most PR agencies use. They’re also covering the impact of AI on hourly billing rates for independent communications consultants, and how to set a fair price for your time and expertise. Today’s PR News segment features WorkLife’s coverage of a new report from Blind, which found that nearly half of office workers say they actually work only 4 hours per day.

Follow Katya’s work here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katyaallison/ 

Read “AI Threatens the Billable Hour Revenue Model: in Axios: https://bit.ly/3PZ61gQ 

Read the PR News of the Week in WorkLife: https://bit.ly/45d328y 

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