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PR Strategies Of Today And Tomorrow

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Successful PR plans are thoughtful, creative and organized — none of which is easy in an industry (and a world) where things change with rapid-fire frequency. Even so, there is synergy between staying on top of trends and leveraging what you already know works best. 

The next time you brainstorm a new PR strategy for your brand, look at what’s in front of you today — but think beyond that too. Here are a few ideas that may help. 

8 PR Tactics To Get Your Audience’s Attention: 

1.) Build Relationships With Influencers

A key feature to a modern, successful PR strategic plan is building strong relationships with influencers and industry leaders. Influencer marketing plays a significant role in building trust, loyalty and brand awareness. It’s cause and effect, really: If someone your audience admires and respects recommends your brand or product, those followers are likely to follow suit. Influencer marketing is often among the most cost-effective marketing and PR approaches a brand can include in their strategic plan. 

2.) Participate In Important Industry Events

While industry events offer brands the chance to soak up great insights into the latest trends, you can also leverage them to promote your company. This offers you the opportunity to enact new public relations strategies before an audience of fans. Create a detailed list of possible PR strategies to employ at an industry event, like pitching deskside interviews or announcing your client’s next product launch around the event. Then, objectively review them. Be discerning. Mark off what approaches would work and would not. Then, go for it. 

3.) Leverage Your Blog and Vlog

They’ve been around forever, but blogs have come a long way in the last 25 years, from serving as a personal blog for anyone with an internet connection, to an avenue for sharing content with larger audiences, as well as vlogging. The rise of social media has boosted the potential power and reach of blogging for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

Blogs and vlogs build brand awareness, increase brand identity and are a great lead generation tool in the marketing funnel. At the same time, journalists often review blogs and vlogs to check out a brand’s legitimacy and street cred, as well as use them for sources, data and story ideas. 

4.) Be An Asset To Journalists

There are no guarantees when it comes to PR. That being said, it’s unrealistic to assume the media will flock to cover every story about your brand. However, if you provide reporters with a valuable story idea that is exciting, timely and has context, they’ll be more likely to respond positively. By offering an expert opinion or providing data and statistics, you can be an asset to journalists. They will remember this, and may come to you for a quote to round out a future story. 

5.) Become An Active Contributor To Popular Industry Websites

Guest posting is a staple of modern PR — because it works! Guest blogging and/or syndicating content increases brand awareness and shares advice that benefits the audience. In turn, this provides quality content from a different perspective and can help reach potential new customers.

6.) Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest PR Trends 

Again, times are changing fast, but the best PR pros around know what’s happening in the here and now. Media and social monitoring tools can help you stay on top of trends to grow your brand, become more competitive and participate in industry research. 

As you create your brand’s next PR strategy, integrate unique key messaging for your target audiences, including those you may have overlooked in the past. Follow media outlets that might cover your product or brand. Read the latest industry news. Watch what others in your industry are doing. 

7.) Use Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding can earn your brand publicity and recognition, especially on social media. Through crowdfunding you can present your brand to a large audience and develop a lot of media coverage – that you need – off that. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two sites where entrepreneurs introduce new ideas or products that they need help launching.

8.) Leverage Social Media Platforms

The Pew Research Center released a study that found in 2021, 70 percent of adults are on Facebook, 81 percent watch YouTube, and Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram are more commonly used by adults under 30. It is safe to say that an active presence on social media is critical to your brand’s success. Post wisely about things that will hook your audience. Communicate your why and how. Be authentic! Remember, your goal is to create content — not ads. Create fun interactive social media campaigns and responsive videos. Customize online content so your audience will keep coming back for more information. 

In Conclusion

The best PR strategies of today and tomorrow are like a puzzle that fits together perfectly after a little trial and error. Do your research and take chances when planning your public relations strategy. With the right knowledge and mindset, you can create a successful PR strategy that wows your audience, entices media and takes your brand to the next level. 

Remember, the best way to accomplish all of this and more is to hire an awesome PR team you can trust. Good luck!


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