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How To Write B2B Content That Isn’t Boring

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PR is full of glamour and excitement, right? Yes! And no. 

Some brands — especially those that target others in their industry — just aren’t as easy to promote as others — mostly because they are in an industry that isn’t super sexy. This doesn’t make them a boring client! They are likely great. But it can make for lackluster B2B content lacking the “wow” factor. 

The key is realizing you can write about anything – including a seemingly bland B2B topic – and make it interesting, intriguing and entertaining to your audience. Below, the copywriting team at Trust Relations outlines our favorite ways to spice up your B2B marketing materials, so that your target audience will want to become your customer. 

How To Make Your B2B Content Writing More Exciting 

Here are a few ways to make your B2B marketing content interesting and keep the attention of the reader. 

  • Grab the reader’s attention by asking them a question. When a reader skims the article, draw them in by asking a question that addresses a pain point. For example, a small business owner might relate to something like, “Are you tired of paying too much for your company’s heating and air conditioning unit?” Share a story they can relate to and want to read. Use your PR storytelling skills to snag their interest from the start.
  • State the facts. Your audience does not want your opinion, but they want to know the truth. Be honest and factual, so they will establish a relationship of trust with you and your business. B2B contact is important. After all, you want them to buy your services or products. 
  • Be human. Don’t sound like a scholar or CEO. Have fun and be playful. Add some color, personality and humor into the mix to hold interest and encourage them to finish the piece. 
  • Get to the point. Readers can be impatient. Don’t start your post out mysteriously or dramatically. Instead, keep the first paragraph short and simple. Use an inverted pyramid style writing, so your reader will stay tuned and wait to get the rest of the story. In this case, it is okay to give a spoiler so the audience will stay tuned. 
  • Break the article up into subheadings. Use bullet points and numbering, so you do not have intimidatingly long paragraphs. Format text to get attention by italicizing, underlining and using bold font. That way, your audience will stay tuned in. 
  • Don’t just list your features. You sell your product. A list of its features is a snoozefest and nobody will care. 
  • Write for people, not Google. Write with a conversational tone. SEO is important, but keeping your audience engaged is critical. When you use figurative language and provide context, readers often gain better understanding and maintain interest in the content. Act as if you are writing to a friend instead of a potential client or customer. Think of it this way: When you are messaging a friend, you intuitively know how to keep their attention. Do the same for your audience. 
  • Be specific with your content. You will be able to tap into the reader’s emotions and personal experiences when you are specific in your details about the service, product or event. 
  • Use active voice. Passive voice is dull and ineffective. It’s also common in many industries. Stand out by doing the opposite. Review your copy and tweak it where you were passive — usually all it takes is a change in sentence structure. For example: 
    • Passive Voice: The old electrical system was replaced by solar power. 
    • Active voice: Solar power replaced the old electrical system. 
  • Proof your work. This goes without saying! Ask a friend who isn’t in your industry to review your copy. Does it interest them? Are their eyes glazing over? Ask for honest feedback, swallow your pride and learn from it. A tool like Grammarly can help. 

Quick Tips To Avoid Boring B2B Content 

There are a few simple approaches that you can take to avoid boredom when writing B2B content. Here are a few tips for making sure your writing stays on target and keeps the interest of your customer.  

  • Do not draw out the content. Write to the point and use fewer words. 
  • Use short sentences, specifically those with no more than 14 to 18 words. 
  • Use your words with caution. Do not use long words that are difficult to understand. 
  • Focus on one concept with each subheading. 
  • Focus on a single idea throughout the article or blog post. 
  • Do not write in the passive voice. 
  • Mix up your sentence structure so they don’t start the same. Add some variation and some excitement. 
  • Have a single call to action and give the reader reason to respond. 

PR Writing For A B2B Audience 

Writing for a B2B — or any PR audience — is results-driven. When you take care to ensure all of your PR writing is great, you’ll secure your audience’s attention, grow your B2B client base and increase your bottom line. 


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